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Financial Access at Birth in the media (click on the logos to read each article):

The Economist CGAP CNN


Fast Company IFMR Smart Money


Forbes FAI Turkish Time


Huffinton Post Psychology Today UCLA Daily Bruin


UCLA Today


Stanford Social Innovation Review (February 2012)

PopTech (November 2011)
Fox Business Network (September 2011)
UCLA Anderson Blog (August 2011)
CGAP/MF Gateway (July 2011)
Financial Access Initiative (February 2011)
Economist (March 2010)
ING Direct (March 2010)
Etopia News (March 2010)
Fast Company (March 2010)
IFMR India Development Blog (March 2010)
Philanthrocapitalism Blog (March 2010)
The Huffington Post (April 2010)
United Prosperity Team Blog (April 2010)
UCLA Daily Bruin (April 2010)
Smart Money (April 2010)
David Hirshleifer's Psychology Today blog on Behavioral Economics (May 2010)
Turkish Time (July 2010)
UCLA Today (October 2010)
CNN (October 2010)
Forbes (November 2010)