Financial Access at Birth Thanks Credit Suisse for Volunteers PDF Print E-mail

Credit Suisse is a strong believer in corporate social responsibility, and a key part of its strategy is the establishment of the Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative in 2007. This initiative seeks to strengthen microfinance institutions by investing in training structures and facilitating the flow of knowledge between microfinance institutions and the financial services industry. By combining charitable contributions with employee engagement, Credit Suisse fully invests its resources into building capacity and expanding the reach of microfinance institutions. Credit Suisse officially partners with 4 microfinance institutions, one of which is ACCION. Through this sponsorship, Credit Suisse became a proud founding sponsor of ACCION’s Center for Financial Inclusion. Credit Suisse also supports the establishment of training centers in India and China to provide training in credit methodology, program management, and best practices to staff at all levels.

In addition to sponsorships, Credit Suisse’s Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative mobilizes employees all across the bank to spread awareness of microfinance--educating one another and sharing knowledge. The Microfinance Advocates network was formed globally with regional steering committees in London, New York, and Singapore/Hong Kong and is now more than 500+ members strong, including an impressive pool of individuals to whom an opportunity to virtually volunteer with The Center was presented in Spring 2011.

Financial Access at Birth (FAB) is grateful to the Credit Suisse Microfinance Advocates and volunteers who responded enthusiastically to this call for action and signed up to work closely with FAB program Manager, Rosita Najmi, to help connect this model of social and economic innovation to action. They are helping FAB with a pilot feasibility study, website user-engagement, and fundraising.

Financial Access at Birth (FAB) recently announced its aim to raise $5M to fund its first pilot. You can learn more how you, too, can volunteer, donate, advocate, and organize for financial inclusion, one baby at a time here.