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Can Financial Citizenship Begin at Birth? Bhagwan Chowdhry

Article Provided Courtesy Of:                       Stanford Social Innovation Review





What is FAB?

With (1) A $100 Savings account for every child born in the world (2) A Unique Biometric ID for every citizen and (3) Mobile and Electronic Branchless Banking, Financial Access at Birth (FAB) will use the power of Incentives, Technology and Scale to create financial and social inclusion for all. Learn More.

Founders of FAB

• Naren Bansal
• Bhagwan Chowdhry
• Francisco Gil-Diaz
• Paul Hudnut
• Raghuram Rajan
• Peter Singer

• Markus Brunnemeier
• Joshua Coval
• Michael Green
• Vijay Mahajan
• Michael Sherraden

Friends of FAB

Alice Eve Adrian Grenier
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